A photo of Dr. David M. Jacobs of Temple University.


Photograph of Dr. David M. Jacobs. Copyright Jack Brewer. Used with permission.

For several years, I was a research subject of “alien abduction” researcher, Dr. David M. Jacobs, of Temple University.

Dr. Jacobs conducted ninety-one hypnotic regressions with me during thirty-seven hypnosis sessions, from December 2004 through February 2007. He conducted all the hypnosis sessions over the telephone, thousands of miles from my location. I was alone in my apartment, with no supervision.

While I was Dr. Jacobs’ research subject, his behavior became, in my considered personal opinion, increasingly bizarre and psychologically abusive.

I have provided information about Dr. Jacobs’ research practices here, as I believe that it is matter of public interest. I hope that this will help to prevent similar situations happening to other research subjects in the future.

Hypnotic suggestions of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

Many people now know that while Dr. Jacobs was conducting hypnosis with me, that he implanted hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), a serious mental disorder, and that I should take medication for it. He did this even though he is not a medical doctor, and he knew that I did not have it.

Dr. Jacobs has admitted publicly that he did this, during an interview on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, “ET Hybrids / Ultraterrestrials”, on December 19, 2010. He has tried to justify it as a convoluted and outlandish “tactic” against “aliens” and alien-human “hybrids”.

I have presented here an audio clip of Dr. Jacobs putting the hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD.

(NOTE: This audio clip is taken from the recording of my twenty-ninth hypnosis session. Dr. Jacobs has a copy of the full recording.)

Naturally, a lot of people have questions about this, and would like to know what happened.

This is a short explanation of what occurred. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me about it.

1) I was Dr. Jacobs’ research subject between 2004 through 2007, and he investigated my anomalous experiences using hypnosis.

2) During that time, Dr. Jacobs told me that he was in danger from “hybrids/aliens” because of his “alien abduction” research, and in my considered personal opinion, his behavior became quite strange.

3) Dr. Jacobs said that he also believed that those “hybrids/aliens” could read my mind (and the minds of other experiencers.)

4) Consequently, while Dr. Jacobs had me under hypnosis, he planted suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder. He did this ostensibly to try to fool the “hybrids/aliens”, not because he really believed that I had MPD.

5) Dr. Jacobs ostensibly believed that the “hybrids/aliens” would read my mind, see that he had a new theory ‘that everyone telling abduction stories was actually suffering from MPD’, and that the “hybrids/aliens” would therefore lose interest in him.

6) Dr. Jacobs told me that he actually believed in “alien abduction”. He said that he believed that his life was in danger from the “hybrids/aliens” because he knew that they had a “secret” program to infiltrate Earth by using “hybrids” to blend into human society.

7) Dr. Jacobs was ostensibly trying to use my mind as a shield to protect himself from “hybrids/aliens”, whom he said he believed would use mind control on him, or even possibly kill him, to stop his “alien abduction” research.

8) I am of the opinion that Dr. Jacobs probably knew that he was not really in danger from “hybrids/aliens”, because I do not think that he would have put his family in danger to do his “alien abduction” research.

9) Dr. Jacobs did not ask my permission before he put the suggestions in my mind that I had MPD, and I did not know that he was going to do it.

10) I understood at the time that Dr. Jacobs’ suggestions were intended for the “hybrids/aliens” benefit, but because I was hypnotized, they still affected me.

11) After Dr. Jacobs had brought me out of the hypnotic state, he continued to reinforce to me that I must keep it in my mind, so that the “hybrids/aliens” would believe it.

12) I tried to deal with it by making light of it at the time, but it nevertheless frightened me.

13) Dr. Jacobs is not a medical doctor. He is a historian. Even if he had really believed that I had MPD, which he did not, he would not have been able to diagnose it.

14) Gary Haden published further information about Dr. Jacobs putting hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD, and his opinions about the issue, on his former Speculative Realms blog. He kindly allowed me to post a PDF archive of it here:

“They’re On to Me: The MPD Game from Hello to Goodbye”, by Gary Haden – Speculative Realms (February 25, 2011) – PDF

15) In my considered personal opinion, Dr. Jacob’s actions were the self-absorbed and unethical actions of a researcher so involved in either his agenda, or fantasy world, that he lost total regard for my well-being, and had no concern for the injury and ramifications that those hypnotic suggestions might ultimately have on me.

16) This is not a character assassination of Dr. Jacobs. I am merely trying, in the only way that I know how, to make my story known, so that others will not suffer the same treatment from Dr. Jacobs, or from any other researchers.

17) Unfortunately, the phenomenon is still so suppressed by society, that there are few places people can turn to for help. There appear to be no effective regulations in place to protect vulnerable experiencers of the phenomenon. It seems as though word of mouth is the main protection that we have at this time.


  1. Dr Jacobs is a gullible old fool who is too kind for his own good, he found himself in an impossible situation – stuck between two highly intelligent but deeply jealous and extremely manipulative attention seeking liars. I worked for over 25 years with women who survived sexual trauma and I listened to the conversations Emma Woods posted. She is, without doubt one of the most totally self-absorbed people I have ever listened to. She is a merciless bully playing the victim with amazing eloquence. I am sad for Dr Jacobs who was taken in by her fantasies in the first place and who was foolish enough to try to help and support her WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT for years. Emma Woods Get A Life as your existence appears to revolve only around your own self-indulgent fantasies and your total obsession with a silly old man who was stupid enough to think he could help you with a situation which never existed. See a Psychiatrist.


    1. The author of the post above asserts that Ms Woods is extremely self-absorbed on the recordings of conversations to which he or she has listened. Where are these accessible?

      I’m afraid nothing the poster writes is convincing. The hypnotist was employed by a university due to his academic credentials. If he did not require from the person hypnotised compensation, that is his prerogative, not hers. I have ascertained on another website that he seems to be author of three books on the theme. Presumably he welcomed the case for his research.

      Reading through the above post, it does not have the intellectual niveau of a professional. That typographically capitalisation occurs to emphasize that the hypnotist received no payment reveals a vulgar shopping center attitude to the human being. I would suggest its author get that hound under control and direct it to another tree to do its business.


    2. I do not usually respond to comments like this. But you mentioned working with sexual trauma survivors, so I thought I would.

      First, I have to say that I do not believe any competent mental health professional would post a comment like yours.

      Dr. Jacobs put hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder, a serious mental illness. He implanted false memories in me of violent assault and rape. I now have to live with those memories for the rest of my life.

      Any decent person knows that what Dr. Jacobs did is wrong.

      I have been assessed by a real mental health professional, and I do not suffer from mental illness. You can read a copy of his assessment here:


      Dr. Jacobs has been implanting horrific false memories in his research subjects for decades. In the tapes of my hypnosis sessions he was clearly leading me and implanting the “memories”. Far from being the “fantasies” of his subjects, they are a creation of Dr. Jacobs himself.

      In regard to Elizabeth, I consider her to be a victim of Dr. Jacobs’ abusive conduct, and I have compassion for her.

      I am making public what happened to me as Dr. Jacobs’ research subject as a matter of public interest. It is my hope that by doing so I can prevent others from being abused in the same way.

      Since you decided to post this comment on my website, I suggest that you take another look at what you are condoning, and at your attitude towards someone who speaks out about abuse. If you really have worked with sexual abuse survivors, perhaps you might consider seeing a supervisor and running your thoughts past them? They may be able to help you see the real issues at stake here.


      1. There are reports, for example Cathy O’Brien, of unethical experiments using extremeful and thus traumatic experiences combined with hypnosis to call forth what is called dissociation, whereas Ms Woods asserts above the hypnotist in question implanted in her mind false memories of assault and rape. Does Ms Wood mean she can remember without hypnosis these memories and how can she judge them to be false?


        1. If Ms Woods asserts the hypnotist implanted memories which she judges as false (why not pseudo?) in her mind, how does she know he did it?

          If I were to guess how Ms Woods remembers the hypnotist implanted these memories, I’d speculate she used another hypnotist who put her under hypnosis and asked her about these thoughts and how they were implanted by the unethical hypnotist with his further suggestion she consider these thoughts memories or as memories?


          1. In order for a hypnotist to suggest to his patient certain thoughts be considered as memories, must the hypnotist also suggest to the patient she forget his implanting these thoughts and his suggestion she consider them to be memories of experiences she never experienced?


        2. Hi Faint Memory, I have some memory of the hypnosis sessions, but other parts I do not remember. I found out what the full extent of what Dr. Jacobs had done during the hypnosis sessions when I finally listened to the tapes of the sessions much later.


          1. The reason I think the memories are false is because on the tapes of the hypnosis sessions Dr. Jacobs is clearly using leading and suggestion, which is known to create false hypnotic memories.


          2. You are fortunate you have those recordings.

            I wonder why you haven’t discussed your problem with Cathy O’Brien’s friend and with Simon Parkes?

            You may think my judgment is wrong if I dare say all those manipulating suggestions that unethical hypnotist planted in your mind and their consequences would be far easier to bear when made conscious, which is a necessary process, and understood, a condition for recovery of your mind, in comparison to spiritual experiences of oneself in meditation described by Rudolf Steiner.


            1. I’m sorry if my sentence in which I compared what happened to you with what the spiritual researcher described by Rudolf Steiner experiences was unclear.

              You complain you must bear the consequences of that hypnotist’s manipulation on your mind.

              If you read about the experiences Steiner describes in various writings which the meditator goes through, or because such encounters with herself or himself are so difficult prefers not to go through, such comparison might help you better judge your situation.


            2. How does hypnosis compare with the theory called in German
              “Affizierungstheorie” regarding the genesis of perceptions, i.e. perceptions are only products of a process between an molecular external world unconscious to the perceiver with his mind?


              1. Hi Student, I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. However, from my own experience, I would say that my hypnotic memories were generated by leading and suggestion by Dr. Jacobs,l and some of the details filled in from my subconscious.


            3. Hi Reader, yes, I am fortunate to have the recordings. I would not understand nearly as much as I do now without them. I do think it is important that I know consciously what happened.

              Having said that, even though I now know consciously what happened during the hypnosis sessions, I still have the false hypnotic “memories”. It seems that hypnotic memories are not affected by normal conscious state thinking about them, which makes them impossible to remove. You just have to know that they are false, and cope the best you can with them.


      2. “Working with women who survived sexual trauma” is ambiguous because the kind of work is unspecified. Thus such speech is manipulative, implying the unspecified “working” is of a professional therapeutic nature, whereas such “working” can mean anything from edition of manuscripts to instruction of a new language for expanded horizon of mind and soul.


    3. No therapist would write the things you have written here – and you don’t even use your name, which tells me you aren’t actually in the mental health field (unless you are a tech or someone who is not a qualified mental health provider). Your language is harmful, judgmental, and not at all clinical. It is much like someone who plays at being a therapist on the internet.

      Additonally, what David Jacbos does is not in any way anything that any clinical professional would condone. He takes advantage of people who want help, he is not qualified to do anything even remotely clinical, and if anyone comes off as unbalanced, it’s him with his “alien agenda” nonsense (which only serves to terrorize people who are already traumatized).

      I have a master’s degree in psychology, and have worked as a therapist. I author a blog that is frequently critical of bullying by medical personnel and also by quacks on the internet. My credentials can easily be checked online – can yours?

      It’s shameful that you would post on this woman’s blog the kinds of things you have. And, by the way, your random capitalization of nouns indicates an education barely above grade-school level. You’re not fooling anyone, and if there is a bully here, it’s you.

      Ms. Victoria Pomeroy, MS


      1. Dear Ms Pomeroy,

        What is nonsense i.e. what aspect of Jacob’s “alien agenda” do you consider nonsense?

        I’m afraid your statement is too ambiguous for me to understood. Do you mean you consider alien existence nonsense, do you mean you consider alien agenda nonsense?

        What do you think is the motive for Jacobs to harm patients?


        1. I think Jacobs’ motive is for recognition, mostly. He sells books based on all this. He is just one of the many “alien experts” who attends UFO conferences, which are mostlly ego-fests for the male dominated “UFO Community”.

          I don’t think he sets out to harm patients, I just don’t think he cares. He isn’t a mental health professional. He has no business “treating” anyone.

          I don’t think you find my statements ambiguous at all, and I am not going to be drawn into a debate about Jacobs’ alient agenda ideas, none of which he can prove and which get more bizarre over the years. He attempts to implant these ideas of his when he deals with “his patients”, which in turn re-traumatizes them and causes immeasurable harm.

          No competent mental healthcare professional would behave as he does. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t claim to be one – he is acting as one, and causing harm.


          1. Dear Ms Pomeroy,

            I see I touched a nerve when I asked you what you mean about “alien agenda nonsense”.

            Now I understand your position: you doubt that aliens exist.

            It’s funny for me
            to read you think I don’t really judge your statements ambiguous. I’ve never encountered anyone who replies this way. I guess you don’t like being told your manner of expression is unclear. So because you feel attacked by presumably what you consider a false accusation on my part, you tell me you don’t think I’m being honest!

            Another reason why it’s evident I touched a nerve is because you declare you refuse to be manipulated into dispute about the hypnotist’s ideas about alien existence. Here again you are wrong. It did not occur to me to ask you about his views on this matter.

            I’m glad you don’t teach philosophy or psychology, because you are quite an emotional and aggressive person who fails to control her wild logical operations.
            You’d massacre the students by your prejudices.


              1. Who suggested the hypnotist acted ethically?
                My guess is your expression of compassion for the patient is a result of your own suffering. One reason you suffer is because you don’t really care if you understand what someone else says. I imagined therapy required at least some discipline in communication. You really have no idea what goes on around you because you substitute your emotion for thinking.


            1. PS: To speak of a “male-dominated UFO community” is trivial. I asked the Carl Gustav Jung biographer who was confronted with primitive rejection by numerous Jungians and apparently also intervention by the Jung family to prevent further publication, if he had read Dr. Karla Turner or could say something about Jung’s position to Rudolf Steiner. He found also quite presumptuous I presumed he met that UFO researcher when both instructed in the same Harvard department. Dr Karla Turner rejected Jung’s theory about UFOs because it ignored the physical domain.


        1. You’re welcome. I really hate what’s been done to you, and the negative reaction you’ve received from many people. You don’t deserve it and I think you are pretty brave to come out and tell others about your experiences.


      1. I’m not a saleman or missionary, and I’d prefer to say where online the literature can be assessed and read, but I don’t know if that Rudolf Steiner Archive online has this book available and in fact, my inquiry to a university professor who is specialized in clinical hypnosis, directs a clinic for hypnosis himself, and has been elected to high office in a professional society for practicioners of clinical hypnosis brought this link to my attention when I asked him if he himself or another he knows has written about Steiner’s view on hypnosis.


  2. Dear JP,

    Was dieser [Spinoza]
    klar und EINFACH
    gegen die Idee der Freiheit
    See chapter 1 1918

    There are at least four English
    translations online at Rudolf
    Steiner Archive, Books GA 004

    Der Religiös-Gläubige sucht
    in der Offenbarung, die
    ihm Gott . . .

    Der Denker sucht
    nach den Gesetzen . . .
    See chapter 2 1918


  3. Who’s Elizabeth? In the article I read in UFO mag it seems to me that Elizabeth is the one behind all of this and Jacobs fell for it. I don’t know the guy, but if he has a high IQ then he very likely has no common sense. Even so, his behavior was well below par, to say the least. Still, his research is in line with what MANY other abductees are saying so I see no reason to throw that “malevolent” theory out the window. Perhaps that was the goal all along? Who is Elizabeth?


    1. Hi Bill, thanks for your comment.

      I used to think that Elizabeth was behind it all, and that Dr. Jacobs fell for it. I actually felt sorry for him. However, I later came to realize that he probably never believed he was in danger from hybrids, because he never really went into hiding, other than just saying he did. Also, I listened to all my hypnosis tapes, and I finally understood that he was using hypnosis to implant memories, and to act out his own issues. I now think that he played a cruel game with Elizabeth. Even though she lied, I think she was doing it because she was in a bad way, and Jacobs knew that and was playing with her.

      I think that you are right that some of Dr. Jacobs’ “research” does contain real material from experiencers. However, I think he cherry picks the real data, and mixes it with his fake data that he implants in people with hypnosis, and then presents the mixture as evidence for his theories (agenda). One can see some real stuff there, but he uses to real stuff to give credibility to the rest.


      1. WOW! you respond fast! I wonder what you think his agenda is? Also, UFO mag said that the threats against you and Jacobs from the aliens went through Elizabeth’s “aliens,” yet Jacobs says that the alien threats came through your “aliens.” If Elizabeth is not going to step forward then all we have out here is he said, she said. Oh well. My advice to you, forget all this the best you can and try and enjoy the rest of your life. Life is short and miserable, don’t make it even worse on yourself than it already is. Get a hobby. Find peace in some activity. Read the Bible! Do something that makes you happy. Good luck. I wont respond anymore but you can to me if you like. God loves you. Ask Jesus for help. FIND PEACE!!!


        1. You too! :) Actually, I happened to be working on my website when you commented.

          The threats came from Elizabeth’s aliens initially, first through hypnosis, and then on instant messenger. Jacobs then related all this to me while I was under hypnosis, and gave me outright suggestions to remember the same thing, which I eventually did. I am going to be putting up audio clips from my website in the next couple of months where you can hear that happening. There is no he-said/she-said, since it is on the audio. The whole threat thing really originated from him I think, and then probably went through Elizabeth through hypnotic suggestion.

          Thanks for your concern, but I have a good life. :) I am doing what I think it right. Thanks for your comments.


      2. In your point 7. you refer to “the phenomenon” – do you mean malpractice by the historian who hypnotised you, or your experiences of aliens?


  4. Hi Emma. As a person with direct experience of abduction have you ever thought of this as a spiritual event. I have lived a long and difficult life where I’ve learnt many lessons about myself and others and society – now I’m a professional in a responsible job where I deal with people who are sometimes critically ill. I have lots of education. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has said in his character Sherlock Holmes – When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. I believe in the Christian interpretation of this event. It is the only one that can possibly be true. I beg anyone reading this go to http://www.prophecyinthenews.com/what-does-the-bible-say-about-ufos/ and to http://www.creationists.org/what-does-the-bible-say-about-ufos-and-aliens.html. We as a society claim we have an open mind and are willing to entertain all sorts of ideas about the supernatural. Ask yourself why we are so hesitant to entertain the ideas presented in these web links. So many of the statements in both Dr. Jacobs book and Dr. Mack’s just reek of the ideas presented in the Bible about the end times.


    1. Hi Joe, thank you for your comment. Personally, I have an open mind about what causes these types of experiences, so I have no fixed idea about what it is. Perhaps they are spiritual events? I don’t know. I am sure that they can have spiritual meaning for some people, regardless of whether they are intrinsically spiritual events or not. In regard to Dr. Jacobs’ book, in my opinion it is not real research, but just his own agendas. He implants the “memories” he wants his subjects to have using hypnosis, and then writes about those “memories” as though he had nothing to with it. I would advise anyone to be very careful about accepting anything based on Dr. Jacobs’ research. Of course, that does not mean that there is not a real phenomenon, that is still a mystery. Thank you for your interest.


      1. Hi Emma. Thanks for your response. I just read the pdf above and it is really disappointing that individuals take advantage of other’s personal experiences. Would you be willing to share any insight into your experiences? I have had some unusual experiences myself and want to know what it’s all about. Thanks Joe.


      2. It seems J.F. uses the word “spiritual” to mean in accordance with his beliefs based on his interpretation of English translation of what has been handed down by churches as “Bible”.

        You reply by using two phrases:
        “spiritual meaning” and “intrinsically spiritual”.


          1. The relationship between what is named spirit and what is named soul is also a very serious problem which should not be underestimated in consequences for the self-understanding of the human being.
            There are opposing views about this relationship. If someone uses the predicate spiritual and puts it in context of what he judges to be revelation of God, this person is a religious believer, but not a scientist.


            1. Hi P. I’m really enjoying this discussion. Just to respond to some of the comments above. I did not blindly accept things handed down by ‘churches’ – in fact I am completely against political tools that are sometimes used by others with hidden agenda. I came to the conclusion that the concepts put forth by the bible are “true” based on personal real experience that I’m not willing to discuss on an open forum. As far as I can tell there can be no other conclusion. As for the statement regarding “real scientiest” – I am one and have taken care of people who are critically ill. I’m approaching 33 years in health care and the one undeniable truth is that what we consider to be “scientific truth” often turns out to be a poor facsimile of the actual truth. Many of health care’s central ideas have turned out to be wrong. The same applies to other areas of science. Current scientific theories border on what used to be called ridiculous. Entanglement theory, multi-dimensional universes, faster than light travel, invisibility, an so on ate actual ackonowleged posibilities in the real world of science. Study the past to understand the present – or would one still argue the earth is flat and the centre of the universe?


              1. Dear JF,

                Are you familiar with epistemological and psychological writings of Rudolf Steiner?

                If it interests you, I recommend you read beginning of second chapter Der Grundtrieb zur Wissenschaft in second and revised edition 1918 Die Philosophie der Freiheit, if you need English translation, there are several online at the website called Rudolf Steiner Archive, see Books, GA 004.

                I am interested to know what Rudolf Steiner said about hypnose. What little I found online attributed to Steiner indicates he judged the state of consciousness in the hypnotized subject to be psychpathological and in the long run detrimental to health. I find it odd that persons who claim to represent Anthroposophical medicine ignore the theme of hypnose – at least, I have not seen or heard any Anthroposophical M.D. or psychiatrist or psychologist on hypnose.


                1. Hi P and Joe, thanks for your interesting comments.

                  For myself, I have come to the view that spirituality is a personal thing. The world is so complex, and there is so much yet to learn, and all we can do is make sense of things as best we can.

                  I know that some atheists feel that being a good person, and doing good things in the world to make it a better place, is a form of spirituality for them.


                  1. Such expressions as person and atheism belong to Roman Catholic ideological jargon. One can ask oneself why person and atheism are often used by Roman Catholic academics?

                    Elsewhere on this website or blog, where the blogger refers to what was called by another person as the blogger’s preference for thinking and intuition, I quoted a German sentence from what Steiner allegedly called the only part of his work which would remain in a thousand years (W.J.Stein). This sentence can serve as a reference for Steiner’s view of spiritual in ordinary human consciousness.


                    1. The third term introversion and its pole are often attributed to Carl Gustav Jung, who coined them in German. Richard Noll’s culturalgeographic biographies of Jung are not translated into German, nor does Noll get much attention, if any, in the German wikipedia article on Jung. I heard Karla Turner in Internet dismiss Jung’s view because he ignores the physical. Noll writes that Jung was a spiritist, and subsequent publication of Jung’s notebooks or diaries contain reference to two entities with whom Jung claims to have had contact. The Jung Institute ignored by my first request for references by Jung about Steiner, my second inquiry to its librarian received a short reply I should ask its leader. Also so-called Anthroposophists seldom elaborate, if even mention Steiner’s view on mediumism, known today as “channeling”.


                    2. Hi P. Again interesting conversation – honestly – and I will look up this chapters you referred to. I have a very close friend who is a professor in comparative religions and it sounds like you and he might have common interests. We have frequently debated similar ideas over a game of chess and neither of us ever wins but it certainly is interesting. As for me I’m just a simple person who looks at life in a (perhaps) simplistic way. So again forgive me for an apparently naive comment but I take things as the general public sees them. Academic discussion aside I think we (i.e humanity) need to learn, once and for all, that we actually “know” very little and our theories (which are mere simplistic models) pale in comparison to the reality that we cannot (and in my opinion should not – yet) comprehend. So…I base my beliefs on the myriads of individuals I have met – of all ages from newborns to very elderly – who have concluded, after their many trials and tribulations, that after all is said and done there must be “a” God. Sorry if this sounds too simplistic but that is what I’ve had to realize after avoiding the question most of my life. I’d like to throw a challenge back to you – have you read the bible “with an open mind” and in context to today? You might be surprised that it is actually much deeper and yet obvious than society commonly thinks.


  5. Hi Carl, thank you for your comment. I did reply, but unfortunately I had to re-upload my homepage, and it lost both our comments. I just wanted you to know, in case you missed my reply before. Hope all is well with you.


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