A photo of David M. Jacobs Ph.D. of Temple University.


Photograph of David M. Jacobs. Copyright Jack Brewer. Used with permission.

For several years, I was a research subject of “alien abduction” researcher, David M. Jacobs, PhD, of Temple University.

Jacobs conducted ninety-one hypnotic regressions with me during thirty-seven hypnosis sessions, from December 2004 through February 2007. He conducted all the hypnosis sessions over the telephone, thousands of miles from my location. I was alone in my apartment, with no supervision.

While I was Jacobs’ research subject, his behavior became, in my considered personal opinion, increasingly bizarre and psychologically abusive.

I have provided information about Jacobs’ research practices here, as I believe that it is matter of public interest. I hope that this will help to prevent similar situations happening to other research subjects in the future.

Hypnotic suggestions of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

Many people now know that while Jacobs was conducting hypnosis with me, that he implanted hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), a serious mental disorder, and that I should take medication for it. He did this even though he is not a medical doctor, and he knew that I did not have it.

Jacobs has admitted publicly that he did this, during an interview on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, “ET Hybrids / Ultraterrestrials”, on December 19, 2010. He has tried to justify it as a convoluted and outlandish “tactic” against “aliens” and alien-human “hybrids”.

I have presented here an audio clip of Jacobs putting the hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD.

(NOTE: This audio clip is taken from the recording of my twenty-ninth hypnosis session. Jacobs has a copy of the full recording.)


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David Jacobs’ Hypnotic Suggestions Of Multiple Personality Disorder – MP3

Naturally, a lot of people have questions about this, and would like to know what happened.

This is a short explanation of what occurred. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me about it.

1) I was Jacobs’ research subject between 2004 through 2007, and he investigated my anomalous experiences using hypnosis.

2) During that time, Jacobs told me that he was in danger from “hybrids/aliens” because of his “alien abduction” research, and in my considered personal opinion, his behavior became quite strange.

3) Jacobs said that he also believed that those “hybrids/aliens” could read my mind (and the minds of other experiencers.)

4) Consequently, while Jacobs had me under hypnosis, he planted suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder. He did this ostensibly to try to fool the “hybrids/aliens”, not because he really believed that I had MPD.

5) Jacobs ostensibly believed that the “hybrids/aliens” would read my mind, see that he had a new theory ‘that everyone telling abduction stories was actually suffering from MPD’, and that the “hybrids/aliens” would therefore lose interest in him.

6) Jacobs told me that he actually believed in “alien abduction”. He said that he believed that his life was in danger from the “hybrids/aliens” because he knew that they had a “secret” program to infiltrate Earth by using “hybrids” to blend into human society.

7) Jacobs was ostensibly trying to use my mind as a shield to protect himself from “hybrids/aliens”, whom he said he believed would use mind control on him, or even possibly kill him, to stop his “alien abduction” research.

8) I am of the opinion that Jacobs probably knew that he was not really in danger from “hybrids/aliens”, because I do not think that he would have put his family in danger to do his “alien abduction” research.

9) Jacobs did not ask my permission before he put the suggestions in my mind that I had MPD, and I did not know that he was going to do it.

10) I understood at the time that Jacobs’ suggestions were intended for the “hybrids/aliens” benefit, but because I was hypnotized, they still affected me.

11) After Jacobs had brought me out of the hypnotic state, he continued to reinforce to me that I must keep it in my mind, so that the “hybrids/aliens” would believe it.

12) I tried to deal with it by making light of it at the time, but it nevertheless frightened me.

13) Jacobs is not a medical doctor. He is a historian. Even if he had really believed that I had MPD, which he did not, he would not have been able to diagnose it.

14) Gary Haden published further information about Jacobs putting hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD, and his opinions about the issue, on his former Speculative Realms blog. He kindly allowed me to post a PDF archive of it here:

‘They’re On to Me: The MPD Game from Hello to Goodbye’, by Gary Haden – Speculative Realms (PDF)

15) In my considered personal opinion, Jacob’s actions were the self-absorbed and unethical actions of a researcher so involved in either his agenda, or fantasy world, that he lost total regard for my well-being, and had no concern for the injury and ramifications that those hypnotic suggestions might ultimately have on me.

16) This is not a character assassination of Jacobs. I am merely trying, in the only way that I know how, to make my story known, so that others will not suffer the same treatment from Jacobs, or from any other researchers.

17) Unfortunately, the phenomenon is still so suppressed by society, that there are few places people can turn to for help. There appear to be no effective regulations in place to protect vulnerable experiencers of the phenomenon. It seems as though word of mouth is the main protection that we have at this time.